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Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu often said no one does anything great alone. You have to have help to do something big. So let me take a moment to express my gratitude and thanks to everyone who helped to make the Akom Kese In Honor of Nana Obo Kwesi a big success. My awesome first born, Nana Badu was the overall coordinator and driving force for the event. She was part of almost everything. Iya Olufunmilayo Jomo as always helped me broaden my thinking about the Akom Kese and maximize my input so the festival would be more powerful and effective. Akosua Otemia Tyus, Sis Oforiwa Sankofa and Akua Oparebea were wonderful in helping to publicize the festival. Kuumba Kollectibles, Mama Sala Damali and company, did a great job on the printing. Obrafo Olukwasi did what an obrafo is supposed to do the way it is supposed to be done and more. His wife, Okomfo Ama Nson made Nana Obo Kwesi's fabulous outfit. Nana Kofi Kyeremantin, Malandela Zulu, arranged for the musicians and led their exciting playing. My beloved grandsons Yao Adu, Kofi Asinor Boakye II and Kwadjo Adade Mensah, My godson Kofi Ajaye, Kofi Dinizulu and Osei Dinizulu completed the ensemble in fine fashion. Baba Obasanjo, Okomfo Kwabena Nson, Okomfowa Kweku Bakaan and Damian Bascom were invaluable in the preparation for the festival. Okomfowa Kweku Bakaan also did a fine job attending Nana Obo Kwesi during the Akom. My baby girl Yaa Opare Densua Boakyewa eloquently introduced the evening. Also supporting and participating were my daughter Yaa Asantewa Boakyewa and my granddaughter Okomfo Yaa Aboagyewa, Yaayaa Maria Hunt- Thomas. Big ups to Nana Ankobea Oparebea and the members of the Circle of Light and Nana Kwabena Aboagye Brown and the members of the Temple of Nyame for their gracious help and generosity. I did not get the names of everyone who helped but be assured Nana Obo Kwesi knows and he is grateful to you as I am. We are very grateful for each and every person that came to the Akom Kese. Your presence and participation made the Akom Kese that much more powerful. May Nyame Almighty God, the Abosum and Our Righteous Ancestors clear the way and bless you with all you need for a good and prosperous life.


I am pleased to
announce the graduation of my granddaughter Okomfowaa Yaa (Yaayaa) Nyo. She has been on a spiritual journey filled with many ups and downs but she has stood strong through them all. She has completed all of the requirements to become an Okomfo (Priestess) to Nana Esi Ketewaa. She is now Okomfo Yaa Aboagyewa. I say medase  paa to everyone that has aided her  in achieving this important milestone in her life. I especially thank those of you who donated money to help with her graduation expenses. If you have not made a contribution it is not too late. Donations  may be made at Again medase for your generosity.

Nana Kofi Asinor Boakye I

Obo Kwesi says: "Faith is a talisman.  Truth is a talisman.  Work brings rewards.  Say your prayers with faith then get up and work for what you pray for." 

“God never dies, therefore I cannot die”

The Dinizulu Center for African Culture at Aims of Modzawe is pleased to announce that "The Akan Priests In America" by Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu I is available for purchase at our Facebook shop   This seminal work published in 1974, introduced a multitude of people to the akom tradition and gave valuable insight into the selection and training of akomfo, Akan priests.  This book is a must have for everyone interested in traditional African spirituality and cultural history.  Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu I along with Nana Akua Oparebea launched the Akan cultural renaissance in the USA which has spread throughout the African Diaspora.  "The Akan Priests In America" played an important role in this movement.

The single strand of the broom does not sweep the floor by itself. 

Please join us in keeping African Culture alive! No contribution is too small. Medase!

The Dinizulu Center for African Culture and Research at Aims of Modzawe, Inc., a non-profit tax-exempt organization, located in the heart of Jamaica, New York, was founded by Nana Yao Opare Dinizulu and Alice Dinizulu, in 1969. For decades it has offered various programs for youth and adults which emphasize instilling a sense of value, pride and purpose through the recognition, development and practice of ones own culture. The center was for thirty years home of the Dinizulu Dancers, Drummers and Singers and The African Diaspora Children’s Museum. 

All donations to this endeavor are tax-deductible. Donations may be made at:
For more information on our renovation project please call 347-927-7740. 

Thank you for your past and continued support.

Aims of Modzawe Board of Trustees.
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